• University application fees, visa fees, reporting cost and courier charges are not included.
  • No Refund Policy -Payments referred to herein shall not be refundable in any circumstances Payments can be made by either check, online transfer or cash over the counter at the Office Fee is valid for one year from the date of registration (except for the training of the English Language Exams) and original receipt must be presented to continue taking our services.
  • Our representatives will only assist you with the admission process which includes timely and accurate submission of the relevant documents to the Universities and Colleges that will be applied after consulting the applicant.
  • Our representatives always lodge a visa application in the applicants’ best interest. We do not have the authority to grant a visa of any kind. We cannot guarantee a positive outcome of a visa application.
  • Our team cannot influence any decision made by the admission team of any University or any immigration authority; any requests for additional information before finalizing a visa; any delay by an immigration authority in the issuing of a visa; or a decision to refuse to grant a visa. Their decisions are totally based on their independent evaluation of your profile and documents.
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