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Why UK?

Some of the best institutions in the world are located in the UK, which annually draws thousands of students and researchers, including many from India. Additionally, it leads the globe in a number of academic disciplines, including engineering, science, the arts and design, business and management, law, and finance. UK produces 8% of all scientific papers worldwide despite having just 1% of the global population.

Various Universities in Top 10

Oxford, Cambridge, Imperial College London and University College London (UCL) are all in the top ten in the world university rankings.

Multi Culture Exposure

The UK is the second most preferred country for international students. Diversity at campuses enable interaction with folks from all over world.

High Employable Degrees

Degrees from UK universities have worldwide appeal, and employers will be impressed noticing their names on your CV.
Getting there
Dream Destination: United Kingdom

With over 160 universities and colleges and an infinite number of course study options available, you can tailor your UK higher education experience to be as unique as you are.

Culture & Lifestyle
Level of Education
About UK

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, widely known as the United Kingdom (UK) or Britain, is a sovereign entity in Europe located off the continental mainland’s northwestern coast. It includes Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and England. The island of Great Britain, the northern half of the island of Ireland, and a handful of smaller islands in the British Isles make up the United Kingdom. With nearly 30 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, the United Kingdom is endowed with picturesque scenery.

Why Study in UK

Universities in UK are known for imparting world-class education and preparing you for a career in the global workplace. Furthermore, the student community in the United Kingdom is dynamic and quite hospitable. The one-year duration for all Master’s programs proves to be a major advantage for international students. Alternatively, you might combine a Master’s program with a Ph.D., saving you another year. Shorter course durations in UK lead to major cost cuttings and reduced expenditure on tuition and accommodation costs.

Career Prospects after a UK Degree

In UK, foreign job seekers may make up to £100,000 annually. Graduates from the London Business School start at £38,000 and rise to £69,000 in five years. Top university graduates’ starting salaries roughly quadrupled at the same time.
Although management, healthcare, aviation, and food manufacturing are known for having high salaries, surprisingly high-paying industries in the UK now include banking and insurance. Due to highly competitive salaries, HR, technology and telecommunications industries are all included in the high-demand sectors now.

We help you Achieve your Dreamz

More than 450,000 international students come to UK every year. Dreamz Global Education establishes itself as the best consultancy for international education thanks to a remarkable history of admissions and scholarships. Dreamz Global Education has helped more than 10,000 students with the support of an incredibly talented group of consultants. Our team is revised with the latest UK college trends and admission criteria, making each Visa application successful.

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Top Universities in UK
Study in UK – Connect with Dreamz Education for a Detailed Overview

What is it that attracts abroad students to seek admission to premier universities in UK? The UK repeatedly ranks at the top of all lists when it comes to providing students with diverse learning and employment opportunities. With a large number of accredited institutions offering a broad range of programmes and curricula, it serves as a focal point for international education. It offers international students not only the flexibility to take up part-time work, but also the chance to switch courses while pursuing current degrees at all the major Universities. Studying in United Kingdom is a student’s dream considering that it is the home to some of the world’s finest colleges.The top universities that draw foreign students includes prestigious universities like Oxford University, Royal Holloway University, University of Essex, University of Leicester and University of Leeds.

How do we help you gain points to Study in UK?

At Dreamz Education, we collaborate with elite colleges to present you holistic programmes and support your preparation for the admission process. To achieve a strong IELTS/TOEFL score and an ideal profile that the institution cannot reject, each of our preparatory programs is hand-selected and tailored specifically for each of our students. We prepare individuals to tackle a progressive education system in UK. Particularly if you are applying from the UK, we make it a point to finish the paperwork required to complete the essential prerequisites for admissions.

Our teaching methodologies have allowed us to work hard to offer our students strategic solutions about how they can make a mark on international educational institutions. We assist you at every step of the way by helping you gather and prepare the necessary paperwork, write a polished statement of purpose, recommend profile improvements and submit scholarship applications.

We also give comprehensive counseling throughout the visa and post-admissions processes. Our pupils are well-equipped to establish a place for themselves in abroad countries. Living expenditures shall vary depending on the institution’s location, the kind of residence selected and the student’s personal expenditure.

The cost of living will vary based on the institution’s location, the kind of housing selected, and the student’s own spending. Depending on location and lifestyle, we estimate that the cost of living for students is around 12,000 GBP per year.

Student Visa Classifications

Tier 4 (General) student visas

If you are 16 or older and wish to pursue higher education, you must apply for a Tier 4 (General) student visa.

You must apply for your Tier 4 (General) student visa after receiving an offer from a UK university. After that, your university or institution will be able to provide you with a document known as a Confirmation of Acceptance of Studies (CAS). To do so, your selected institution must be licensed as a Tier 4 sponsor by the UK government.

Learn more about Tier 4 (General) student visas .

Short term study visas

Short-term study visas are offered for students who desire to enrol in courses lasting up to six months or English language courses lasting up to 11 months. Learn more about short-term study visas. Learn more about short-term study visas.

Get more about:

You’ll have to pay the healthcare surcharge as part of your application.

How much you pay depends on how long your visa lasts. Check how much you’ll have to pay before you apply.

UK’s weather is usually regarded to be synonymous with rain, however this is only half correct. Rain does not fall exclusively during one season; it can fall at any time of the year and on any given day. Beautiful sunlight, blustery gusts, and dripping rain might all occur in the same afternoon!

There aren’t many things better than having a snowball battle outdoors, dancing in the mud at a music festival, or relaxing by the river in the sunshine.

With a student visa in the UK, you can work up to 20 hours per week during the academic year and more than 20 hours outside of the academic year.

Yes. Universities and colleges provide scholarships to international students. These are granted purely at the discretion of the individual universities, which establish their own eligibility conditions. Students may contact the institution of their choosing directly for more information. Dreamz Education’s team can assist you with the procedure. Kindly Contact Us.

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