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Why New Zealand?

New Zealand is a dream location due to its political stability, safety and friendliness, as well as post-study work opportunities, lower living expenditures and inexpensive educational prices.

Glimpses of Life at New Zealand
Study in New Zealand for Lucrative Opportunities in Various Career Fields

Are you seeking to build a career in New Zealand? If so, we are there to guide you through each step of pursuing a life abroad. There are several reasons why international students apply to Universities in New Zealand. The foremost reasons are its quality of life, friendly culture, and exceptional education system that is well researched and comprehensive to meet the need of the hour ensuring a successful professional life for national and international students. Studying in New Zealand offers a perfect combination of modern infrastructure and safe and peaceful life.

What to Look for While Applying to New Zealand?

If you’re an aspirant who wishes to pursue a life in New Zealand, there are ample opportunities for you to choose from and make a career that fits your vision. New Zealand is a country of international reputation and a provider of quality education.

New Zealand has a progressive education system with many state-of-the-art facilities. It keeps up with the dynamism of the industries and offers an exhaustive number of courses and programs. It offers a safe learning environment with excellent study opportunities and support services for international students. At Dreamz Education, we provide professional consultation services so that you can apply to the universities in New Zealand and establish your career in an international arena.

What People Say About Us

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What do you get with Dreamz Education Consultants?

Our staff at Dreamz Education ensures you get quality consulting services and helps you through every step of the way right from sorting your documentation process to getting a visa. When it comes to living in New Zealand, the internationally accredited qualifications make New Zealand harbor the best in the class education system that creates lucrative opportunities for international students who seek to carve a career in the country.

From preparing students for the standard entrance exams like the GRE, TOEFL, and IELTS, to preparing them for a visa interview, we take care of everything. For any concerns related to the application process, we directly connect with the Universities in New Zealand to fasten communication. We also keep students updated about the latest news regarding student admission and entry processes in the country.

The average monthly living costs for as student range from 3,000 NZD to 4,000 NZD (1,800 to 2,400 USD) for housing(rent), food costs, transportation costs, phone bills, internet usage, and entertainment in addition to your tuition and insurance expenditures.

As an Indian student, you would most commonly require a Fee Paying Student visa. Applying is simple and can be done here -> https://www.immigration.govt.nz/new-zealand-visas/options/study

S.No. Types of student visa Description
1 Fee Paying Student Visa Study full-time for up to four years and be able to work part-time
2 Exchange Student Visa Study full-time for up to four years for an approved student exchange program
3 Foreign Government Supported Student Visa Study full-time for up to four years on a foreign government loan or scholarship
4 Pathway Student Visa Study up to five years for 3 consecutive courses on a single student visa and be able to work part-time

Yes! You must have health and travel insurance that meets the standards set by the government of New Zealand. Our team at Dreamz, would love to select you the best as per your needs.

Listen from a student in University of Auckland

With a New Zealand student visa, you can often work up to 20 hours per week during an academic year.  And during the holidays, you can work full-time. International students are not permitted to work for themselves. You must be employed and have a written employment agreement.

Yes. Scholarships are available to overseas students at universities and institutions. These are provided entirely at the sole discretion of individual colleges, which set their own qualifying requirements. For further information, students can contact the university of their choice directly. The team at Dreamz Education can help you with the process. Please Contact Us.

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